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Domain Name Registration
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Snap Names - State of the Domain - a comprehensive report covering statistics for domain name registrations and world-wide trends.

New Zealand Registrars:

** UPDATE : New Zealand Shared Registry System Live **

New Zealand have finally shifted to a much awaited shared registry system for .nz domains.

Fifteen registrars have been authorised so far (10 Dec 2002) and the first three competitive registrars have connected to the SRS (Shared Registry System). WebAddress, iSERVE and Iconz join Domainz as being able to register and manage .nz domain names directly with the registry.

You can find out more information regarding the transition at the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner setup by InternetNZ to be 'responsible for the day to day oversight of the .nz domain name registration and management system'.

International Registrars:

INWW (internet names world wide) - a leader in acquisitions of new urls, run by Melbourne IT and specialsing in domains.
Good option for New Zealand registrants of .com names.

Verisign - the big daddy and central registrar of TLD's worldwide. Verisign purchased Network Solutions in 2001 to achieve this position. Administration can be very difficult and is overly complex.

GoDaddy - the leading mover in domain acquisition world-wide for 2001. Considered to have an innovative approach to domain registration.

Bulk Register - as the name suggests bulk register provide discounts for registrations of large numbers of urls at one time (around 50+ is needed for a worthwhile discount).

Corenic - heavily concerned with ICANN affiliation.

Dotster - good for resellers and transfers of TLD's. - TUCOWS based site with multi-lingual versions.

Schlund - german based TLD registrar with highest market percentage of .INFO TLD's.