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April 30, 2003

ComScore Launches Search Service

'The service will use comScore's measurement panel of 1.5 million Internet users to cull traffic data to search engines, number of queries and average weekly searches for 25 top search engines.' - Internet News

'The new data promises to give us a clearer idea of which players are truly the most popular with searchers, by eliminating "false positives" from results reported by the engines, or from traditional "page view" counting techniques. ' - Search Engine Watch

April 24, 2003

Google Acquires Applied Semantics

Google have announced the acquisition of Applied Semantics, 'a Santa Monica, Calif.-based producer of software applications for the online advertising, domain name and enterprise information management markets' in a move to improve it's content-targeted ad programs. have reported that the acquisition also results in another affiliate of Overture's being taken out.

This move to increasing content-target advertising is still under hot debate in the search industry following reports that the adverts do not deliver anywhere near as targeted traffic as standard search results.

April 23, 2003

Google to dump Premium Listings?

There's a rumor spreading around that Google is planning on dumping the CPM version of it's Premium Listings product (ie the adverts above the standard Google search results) in favour of more Google Adwords. In my opinion this would be a great move. I've come across mixed results in Premium Listings campaigns with some adverts just not performing as well as on the Adwords product (ie the boxes on the right of Google's results).

April 22, 2003

Ask Jeeves gets a re-vamp gets a re-vamp so it's not left behind following the Yahoo! re-vamp which followed Google's minimilistic success... does it always come back to Google?

April 15, 2003

Overture and Google fight it out over a Guiness...

Overture have just announced the planned opening of a Dublin office that is likely to create around 200 jobs. This follows the annoucement last month that Google are opening offices in Dublin also.

Why Dublin? In a discussion on WebmasterWorld there appears to be a number of possibilities including "It's probably the pubs thing" and "friendlier people?". The reason in my opinion would be a mixture of the strong IT based skill-set available in Dublin as well as high-end internet bandwidth and data-stores that are not used to anywhere near full potential after the IT boom in Dublin a few years back.

April 11, 2003

Yahoo! speculation and a Search Watch update...

Speculation over the cash reserves Yahoo! has been building up continues while Yahoo! remain silent on possible purchases. 'More cash in the bank opens more doors of opportunity...'.

Leading search engine optimisation resources site Search Engine Watch have had a major re-vamp. A very 'blogesque' style now appears with article updates on a timeline. Sadly the number of adverts is on a major increase but what can you expect... ROI is the king.

April 8, 2003

Yahoo! launch new search

Yahoo! have just launched a new search interface - The interface is great but there's little doubt the design brief from department heads was something like 'Go look at Google'.

Black day for Overture...

It's a black day for Overture today. The company who pioneered PPC search on the internet and who many consider the leading PPC engine have signed a three year deal with Gator. Gator are the pioneers of the a well known 'adware' aka scumware program that serves pop-unders on your competitiors sites. Now they will serve Overture listings.

See: Overture signs deal with Gator.

April 7, 2003

PPC Search in New Zealand

I received an interesting e-mail today looking for information and opinions on developing a PPC search engine for the New Zealand market. Here's an excerpt;

'The main thought I would have on a NZ PPC engine would be to keep the traffic as clean as possible. Most of the lower performing PPC's are going that way because they accept too many affiliate sites that do have searches but very low quality CTR's. Advertisers are more likely to stick with a PPC engine if it's converting at a reasonable percentage even if the traffic is running at a lower level.'

If you have some opinions of your own then let me know.

April 3, 2003

Search Traffic and Customer Service

Live Person, an online help plug-in service, have released an interesting tool used to increase the effectiveness of customer service. The add-on to their current product allows service staff to see the search term that the customer has used to click through to the site. It's refreshing to see someone other than one of the spyware companies using the keyword search terms that can be sourced from a users habits. Immediate feedback to support staff on a customers queries would greatly increase customer satisfaction.

See: - New LivePerson Feature Captures Search Engine Traffic Details.

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