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October 31st, 2003

Paid Search Engine Listings Research

Jupiter Research's Paid Listings Vendor Rankings finds Overture outscoring Google overall.

"Twelve to 15% of paid listings revenues come from marketers that control media budgets of $1 million or more."

Interesting but not exactly startling information in the industry. You can read more on the findings here (the full report is only available to subscribers).

October 30th, 2003

Google buy Sprinks

Google buy-out Sprinks the PPC search engine running the listings for

"Under the terms of this partnership, Sprinks, a division of PRIMEDIA, was acquired by Google. As a result, the Sprinks advertising program will be replaced by Google AdWords over the next 30-40 days. In order to continue driving qualified traffic to your website, you will need to create a Google online advertising account with Google AdWords" (emphasis added).

If you're a regular reader here you will have seen in the past the editor's scathing review on Sprinks following some serious customer services errors, lack of conversions and general all-round dodgy tactics by the Sprinks team. It will be good to see Sprinks leave but it may be questionable what the use of as a contextual advertising portal will do to the conversion levels for Google Adwords.

You can see a copy of the Sprinks newsletter to advertisers here.

October 24th, 2003

New Zealand Commerce Commission working away...

It's refreshing to see that part of the seedier side of the internet domain name registration industry is getting a lashing as the Commission issues a warning to Domain Names NZ (an Australian company) - .net offer liable to mislead.

October 24th, 2003

Google IPO rumours increase...

The rumours of the much awaited Google IPO appear to be taking on a tad more substance:

Forbes: Google searching for banks to lead IPO -sources

Financial Times: Google considers online IPO auction

Watch this space...

October 23nd, 2003

...have you ever thought of buying Google?

An interesting quick few questions posed to Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel on a radio show recently... Yahoo! vs. Google vs. Microsoft

October 22nd, 2003

Google get hit...

Google have been fined Euro75,000 by a French court on violating intellectual property laws by linking trademark names on it's Adwords product. They plan to appeal...

See: Google loses out in trademark search case

October 14, 2003

A bit off topic...

You may have noticed another hiatus in the search engine industry reporting. The editor has been under a mighty workload for the last six weeks and apologises for the break in service - transmission will resume soon ...

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