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June 25, 2003

Search Engine Optimisation Quote of the Decade

'PageRank or PR(A) can be calculated by using a simple iterative algorithm, and corresponds to the principle eigenvector of the normalized link matrix of the web.' - The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.

June 24, 2003

Search Engine Results Chart

If you managed to get confused about where all the results from the different search engines are coming from you're not the only one. So where's your first point of call? It would have to be the ever-useful Search Engine Watch resource site and it's Search Engine Results Chart. It's updated at regular intervals and is worth a look every now and then just keep fresh in your mind the way the compass is pointing (and to stop you from searching three different sites that all have the same results).

There's a more detailed analysis available on the site for Search Engine Watch Members. You can join now by clicking here.

June 20, 2003

Google Adsense

Google have introduced an interesting expansion in the publishing of their Pay-Per-Click Advertising Program, Google Adwords. The system is called Google Adsense and allows publishers to apply for the ability to display Adwords on their own sites (see the banner advert at the top of this page).

Personally I think this system is not a step in the right direction for Google Adwords. It may be good for publishers (including - so who said you can't bite the hand the feeds you?) but it's too open to abuse when dealing with fake clicks and 'illegal' loading of adverts. Previously some of the other PPC engines (findwhat, sprinks) appear to have removed large numbers of affiliates to deal with the fake traffic and spam problem.

You can read about the program on their FAQ's, read what Danny has to say about it (Google Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites) or read what forum members at ihelpyouservices have to say about it.

June 19, 2003

Espotting to merge with FindWhat

Espotting have released a press statement detailing the intention to merge with The transaction (according to the press statement) values Espotting at $163 Million (US).

The board of 'Europe's largest online advertising medium' ESPOTTING MEDIA INC. announced today an agreement to merge with Nasdaq listed (Nasdaq FWHT), a leading developer and provider of performance-based marketing services for the Internet. Both companies operate online marketplaces that connect the consumers that are most likely to purchase specific goods and services with the advertisers that provide those goods and services. At's closing share price on June 17, 2003, the transaction values Espotting at $163 million (97 million / Euro 138 million).

This from an email to Espotting Advertisers:
Q: Will this affect my current traffic?
A: As it is business as usual, this will have no impact on your current traffic. As a result of the merger, you can benefit from an increase in high-quality traffic from different territories if you wish, provided your company can service those territories. For example, you can now open a US account with

Espotting - Press Release or
FindWhat - Press Release or
InternetNews - FindWhat Acquires Espotting.

June 18, 2003

Overture sells AltaVista Enterprise Search to Fast

Overture have announced the sale of the recently acquired AltaVista Enterprise Search to Fast. Fast recently sold their Web Search Unit to Overture. Cnet have reported the deal as being an 'all-cash deal' although the price has not been disclosed. The immediate result has been an increase in the share price for both Overture and Fast.

Cnet - Overture Sells AltaVista Enterprise Search to Fast or
Forbes - Fast buys Altavista enterprise search from Overture.

June 16, 2003

Google Premium to go...

Following speculation for the last few months, Google VP of Advertising - Tim Armstrong (according to an article today by Andrew Goodman) announced that no new Premium Sponsorships will be accepted and existing advertisers will not be able to renew. This will move Google out of the less relevant 'big budget' CPM deals and put advertisers on a slightly more even footing for pay-per-click traffic ranked by 'interest'.

June 16, 2003

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Campaign Success...

Andrew Goodman (author of the report 21 Techniques to Maximize your Profits on Google AdWords) writes an interesting article on a 'fall-over-in-disbelief success story' from one of his Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

See the article 'The Seven-or-So Habits of Highly Profitable Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Campaigns' here.

June 10, 2003

Internet marketing statistics in New Zealand...

After wandering around some interesting New Zealand small business sites today I came across the Statistics New Zealand site which has some interesting reports. If you're looking for details on your current market (in New Zealand of course) this seems to be the place to go. Some of the data is a little out-of-date (ie from the 2001 Census) but there's a few interesting tidbits and a useful search facility...

Here's a set of related searches from the site:
internet access | internet usage | internet shopping | internet user | internet use

June 5, 2003

Once again...

Plenty of articles-of-interest in the media so far this week.

  • Benjamin Edelman provides a Documentation of Gator Advertisements and Targeting that offers listings of more than eight thousand specific sites targeted by Gator as well as analysis of the advertisements shown. Let's hope you're not in there somewhere.
  • Turbo10 (a supposed 'contender to Google's crown') get thrown the ball (thanks Cheryl) and then proceed to drop the ball because they can't quite handle the pressure. Great way to win an audience. Ten points.
  • Judge dismisses suit against Google - "The court simply finds there is no conceivable way to prove that the relative significance assigned to a given Web site is false," in-other-words "I think you're an idiot for even bringing this case too me". I humbly agree.

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